T-Shirt Dress

I made a dress last night!  Now this may not seem out of the ordinary to the rest of you, but I have been making a coat for the last month (post coming soon) and I had almost forgotten that it is possible to make something in one day.  Anyway I saw this post by Tricia and loved it.  I had two yards of cream cotton knit in my stash so I decided to make a dress instead of shirt so it wouldn’t be total and blatant copying.  I also had this idea that this dress would look great with the perfect skinny red belt and red high heels.  Unfortunately I do not posses the said shoes and belt so this dress had been hanging out in the back of my mind since August.  Then a couple of weeks ago I found the perfect shoes on sale for 11 dollars, only in navy not red.  Then I found the perfect skinny belt also in navy at the salvation army for a quarter.  Well when the sewing universe speaks I listen so navy it is and I gotta say I love it.

I love this dress because it looks nice but is soooo comfy (it should be I used an old t-shirt for the pattern).  I have an old shirt that got a whole in the front so I took it apart and have been using it as a pattern for a while now, so I thought why not lengthen it and make a dress.

I also wanted long sleeves, but I ran out of fabric.  Since the sewing universe is guiding me on this dress I shouldn’t be surprised that I love the elbow length.  “Thank you sewing Gods for making me run out of fabric”.

Side view with the shoes.  Doesn’t it look like I am greatly contemplating something.  I am really thinking “suck in the stomach, stand up straight”.

Close up of the ruffle.  I decided to make a fabric flower to add a little more navy.  I more or less followed Blair’s tutorial to make it.  I did it on a pin so if I ever get sick of it I can just take it off.  This flower is a great way to use up all those scraps we are always keeping even though we know we could never make anything out of them.  So there you go.  I really like this dress, I made it almost entirely with my serger, “I love you Roberto!” (yes I name my serger it feels better to have it named so I have “someone” to yell at when it isn’t working right).  Have a great week and happy sewing:).

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6 Responses to T-Shirt Dress

  1. Mom says:

    Who is your photographer? Someone is doing a great job.
    Everything looks terrific and reminds me of my sewing days…I should have taken pics too. Life is sooo different with all of these electronics. Keep up the good work….um, how did you get the pin out….cut off the pin head and then pull it out or go through a seam thread?

  2. Camille says:

    Karen you are amazing! I love that you started a blog about sewing! You are so talented!!!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Awesome! You are so pretty! And so skinny! (says the 7 month pregnant sister) everyone looks so skinny to me now, ha ha ha. REally though, this is awesome, I would love one!

  4. Mary says:

    Welcome to the bloggy world!! I saw the link from Steph’s facebook page. I absolutely LOVE your T-shirt dress. You should post it on a few link parties…! Get a little more traffic!! I can’t wait to see what’s next.

  5. melissa says:

    Super cute! I love the neck ruffles, you got the spacing perfect!

  6. Elina Ruuni says:

    i think it is lovely and those ruffles.i have never done ,but today it is my first ruffle-day.thanks and you are lovely person,because you help : ))))

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