Why Montanachic

I thought I would share  why I named this blog montanachic.  You see I live in what I believe is the most casual state in the US.  Montanans are great people who are confident in who they are and feel no need to dress or act a certain way to please others.  I really admire that, but I don’t want to dress like that :).  I feel like there can be more to a wardrobe than t-shirts and jeans oh and camouflage.  Many Montanans really like to hunt and they all wear their camo everywhere.  Really my husband and I went out to dinner once during hunting season and I counted five men in the restaurant wearing camouflaged shirts.  Now don’t get me wrong there are Montanans who dress super chic but they are the exception.  I saw a girl at the movie theater the other day with skinny jeans, high healed boots with fur trim and a quilted black fitted jacket.  She looked so chic.  I wanted to walk up to her give her a high five and say “you go girl”, but I thought if I did that she might call security and I would get kicked out of the theater.  Even our governor is crazy casual.  My friend went to the symphony and saw him there in jeans and cowboy boots.  So, my goal with my sewing and with this blog is to find ways to be casual enough to be a Montana mom but also stay chic enough to want to continue to sew.  Lets face it sewing boring stuff is no fun.  You will see dresses made by me on occasion for church but that is about the only place I can wear them.  Summer time gets tricky because I love summer dresses but I never pick things casual enough so I make summer dresses that I feel like I can only wear to church.  So I guess that is my goal this year, keep it casual but chic.  So here is my first attempt.

I have added a hook right under the ruffle so there is no more gaping like there is now right above the belt


I started with this mccalls pattern  Then I changed it so much I didn’t even do a review on pattern review.com.  I used cotton knit ribbing that I got for 5 bucks at joanns on clearance (2.50 and yard).  I wanted a big ruffle on the neck which was crazy wonky to sew.  I used my serger and did all the settings for thick stretchy knits but the neck line is still not quite as smooth as I would like, but it is okay.  Then I cut the bottom front edges on a curve, I wanted something a little less boxy.  To finish all the edges I cut one inch strips of ribbing across the grain and enfolded the raw edges with it and stitched along the top.  I stretched the ribbing as I sewed and this helped get some of the wave out of the neck line.  I am actually really happy with this and I think I will wear it a lot.  It is warm which I love.  I think it is casual enough to wear with jeans but the ruffle adds a nice detail.

Here it is without the belt.  I like it with the belt better but this will be comfy for those stay at home days.  So what do you all think?  Have I achieved my goal?  Is this Montanachic?  Or should I just give up and embrace old jeans, cowboy boots and camouflaged shirts?

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5 Responses to Why Montanachic

  1. toy says:

    I love the modification, it looks so stylish now. Montana has always sounds so far out there for me, this is the city girl within me talking 🙂

  2. Meredith says:

    You should have made the ruffle from camo, bringing both worlds together:)

  3. Alexander D says:

    Sick jeans, your blog is super cool! keep it up!

  4. jenleanne says:

    What a great cardigan – and look. Casual, comfortable and dressy and you certainly rock your jeans.
    I bought this pattern recently and just love what you turned it into – love the ruffle!

  5. Sigrid says:

    I’m a Montana girl too. WhenI was little I thought that the Hutterites had style because they were the only people I saw that were not stuck in casual mode. Now I live in the city so I am always living the conflict myself. Anyway, your cardigan looks great!

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