The Laws of Sewing Nature

Montanachic’s 1st Law of Sewing Nature

The bobbin of the sewing machine will ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS run out while the sewer is sewing a difficult seam.  Said sewer will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER notice the empty bobbin until he/she is done sewing the difficult seam.

I MAY have a post of an actual finished project today/tomorrow, IF I don’t throw my sewing machine and the problem causing garment off of an overpass, into a lake, or under a train!

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6 Responses to The Laws of Sewing Nature

  1. Toy says:

    Lol that is so true

  2. melissa says:

    ha! Even worse is when it runs out in the middle of topstitching a long seam and you’re stuck with two choices – rip out all the topstitching you’ve just done, or be stuck with some really ugly back-n-forth thread locking in the middle of your seam (I know you can technically pull the threads to the back and tie off, but in practice these always work themselves undone for me!).

  3. Eugenia says:

    Yes, you’re right, it is one of the laws of sewing!

  4. jen stratford says:

    So true!
    What was worse is when you didn’t have any more of the same colour to wind another bobbin and the shops were shut all Saturday afternoon and Sunday! Thank heavens for relaxed trading hours now and that was a vague and distant memory!!

  5. dixie says:

    EXACTLY. I had that happen to me just the other day.

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