The other day while shopping at my local Salvation Army I came across this beauty

How could I NOT buy it?  The fabulous 70sishness, the feathered hair, the polyester pants, obviously this pattern was made in the days when polyester was king.  And the makeup, how did women get their makeup to shine like that?  My theory is that they dipped their faces in vasoline before they left the house.  So for fifty cents this baby came home with me.  Ultimately I bought it because I really do like the top.  The neck is not quite turtle neck and not quite cowl.  Plus it looked warm and since it has been hanging around 0 degrees F around here I was in the mood for something warm.  The directions for constructing the top were really not that great, I used a completely different method, but it did make for some entertaining reading.

It is full of phrases like “Even if you’re all thumbs”, and “will help make you a whiz at sewing”.  Mostly they kept pushing for the unsuspecting beginning seamstress to buy their 3 booklet “starter set”.  Seems kind of scamish to me but then this was made before the internet so people probably did have to buy lots of books to learn all these things we take for granted that we have just a click away.  The best part was on the fourth page

“Don’t shed any tears over setting-in a sleeve”.  This seemed a tad over dramatic to me, although perhaps it shouldn’t since I am sure sometime in my sewing history I have probably shed a tear or two over a sleeve.  Anyway, enough build up, here is the dramatic unveiling of my 70s/modern/turtle/cowl neck top.

I decided to make it in red which is my favorite color even if it isn’t the best color for me, it isn’t the worst either.  I really do like the neck.  It is also verstile, here it is with the vest I made last week.

The copyright on this pattern is 1977, the year I was born.  Fashion is a funny thing.

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4 Responses to Hillllarious!

  1. Tanit-Isis says:

    I quite like it—warm like a turtleneck, but much prettier! (And I feel you about the weather!). But then, I am finding I have a sneaking admiration for a lot of 70s patterns, once I mentally remove the polyester ;).

    I’ve wrestled with a few sleeve-heads that had me close to tears (mostly due to my own incompetence, however)… but I know some people so traumatized by them they went off sewing completely…

  2. Meredith says:

    Very cute…I was just fantasizing about a cowl neck sweather this morning.

  3. melissa says:

    Great find! I just had a very similar cowl-turtleneck top in mind for some lush sweaterknit i’ve got but I never quite got around to drafting it. I absolutely love yours! You must be a real *sewing whiz*, har har!

  4. Camille says:

    Karen I love this sweater!! Someday when your blog is super famous and I am skinny again can I be one of your clothing models?? 🙂

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