My mostly done, mostly perfect, mostly awesome muslin

I have finally finished my second muslin for my self drafted jeans.  It turned out so well I decided to finish it up and now I have a nice pair of corduroy pants that fit perfectly?  Some of you may think why do you need corduroy pants in March?  Well I live in Montana and it snowed yesterday so these pants will probably get two months of wear before warmer weather is here to stay.  There are a few minor problems with the muslin that I will fix when I make my jeans, but those are mostly cosmetic things, the fit is great.  Making my own jean pattern was definitely ALOT of work, but I think it was totally worth it.  I now have a pattern to use over and over, and more importantly I learned a lot about my body.  I used to think I had big hips and that is why jeans were always uncomfortable.  Now I know that I don’t necessarily have big hips, but my hip to thigh ratio is not the norm.  So instead of getting down on myself and lamenting the size of my hips I have decided to go with the glass is half full attitude and say I have skinny thighs!!!!  Woohooo part of my bottom half is skinny!!!!!  Yes, yes, yes life is good.  Honestly I know my body is the same as it was before but I am trying to find ways to love it instead of hate it.  So this thigh hip ratio had been why I have a hard time finding rtw jeans that fit well in the thighs but don’t ride up in the back.  So my jeans were either too tight in the lower bottom area or too baggy in the thigh and waist.  The fix was quite simple and I really have to thank all the people at who suggested I add a little fabric to the center back at the biggest part of my saggy bum (do you like my technical sewing terms).  Problem solved!  I wore my new pants yesterday and no riding up, it was great.  So here are a bunch of pics.

This is where I made the alteration on my pattern

I used this awesome tutorial by Sandra Betzina to do my fly front.

As you can see I am still waiting for my button and gromets to come in the mail, I ordered them from the link Melissa over at Fehr Trade recommended.  She has a lot of great tips for sewing jeans, I highly recommend her blog.  I am hoping that when I get my gromets on the front pockets will lay a little flatter.  I also borrowed an idea from Melissa and used a curved waistline so the waist would actually fit to my waist instead of sticking up like a mandarin collar.  I think on my next pair I will make the front pockets a little bigger.  I also made the jeans with a little higher waist than the instructions called for.  It may not be the most stylish but I have four kids, I am always bending over and I don’t want my undies showing all the time.  It doesn’t matter too much because I never tuck shirts in to jeans like this, I only did it for the pics.   I usually wear shirts untucked like this.

So can you tell that these have a high waist?  Do they look like mom jeans?  Let’s have a poll!!

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5 Responses to My mostly done, mostly perfect, mostly awesome muslin

  1. melissa says:

    Wow! This is a muslin? Can’t wait to see the real deal!

  2. Tanit-Isis says:

    Wow, hot! High waist is not a look that does me any favours, but I hear it’s back… I think as long as you don’t get saggy-butt pockets you’ll be fine ;). Your hip/thigh thing reminds me of my sister-in-law when she was a teenager (and probably 110 lbs) complaining about her fat thighs. Her thighs were normal—but her calves were really thin. I think the take home is that fit looks awesome!

  3. I am amazed that you actually drafted this pattern! The fit is amazing, they look amazing, Totally wearable! And yes, winter is still around, here at least, which is a bit further north than you are, so corduroy pants are great. And they certainly don’t look like a muslin.

  4. melissa says:

    These look FANTASTIC! Holy crap, you’ve nailed the fit on these! 😀 And you’ll get these plus jeans and however many other pairs you can make in the lifetime of a good TNT pattern…

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