A Plethora of Pintucks

Anthropologie put out this dress about two years ago and I loved it and knew I wanted to use aspects of it in a version of my own.

I loved the navy and cream, the pintucks and lace down the front.  I didn’t like the lack of sleeves and I wanted more fullness in the skirt.  So I found a pattern I could alter, bought my fabric, washed it and got ready to lay it out.  Then my husband got a new job and our life got turned upside down between selling and buying houses, and moving our kids to a new area and new schools so this project has been sitting in a box in the basement sadly neglected.  Fast forward to this month and the pattern review mini wardrobe challenge.  My plan included two tops, a pair of jeans and a yellow skirt all to match an existing yellow cardigan I currently own (see design board here).  A very helpful comment posted by you lovely sewing bloggers out there pointed out that a yellow skirt and yellow cardigan might be a tad bit too much yellow.  So after thinking about it and deciding I wasn’t interested in doing a Big Bird impersonation I realized this dress would fit in with my plans perfectly and would be much more fun to make and own than a yellow skirt.  Plus I already own everything, yay stashbusting!  So I started with Simplicity 5795 which I just discovered is no longer in print.  I changed the neckline and added pintucks on the bodice and the hem and some little ruffles to the sleeves.

The best accessorie, a cute 2 year old with sparkly shoes!

Here is a pic with the yellow cardigan for the mini wardrobe contest.

I pretty much love how this dress turned out.  For a while I have been wanting a pair of yellow t-strap shoes, but now I think that “want” has been elevated to the “need” level.  Something like this…

This is the “Just Like Honey Heel” from Mod Cloth and it is of course out of stock.

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7 Responses to A Plethora of Pintucks

  1. TanitIsis says:

    Wow, we do have the exact same shoes! I wish I could wear mine outside right now, though, we’ve still got snow over everything.

    Super-cute dress, I especially like the cute little sleeves. And the accessory is to die for, of course 🙂

  2. Meredith says:

    SO CUTE. You are so talented. And stylish.

  3. Stephanie says:

    SOOOO cute!! How much you charging for one of those? As much as Anthro???

  4. SewOm says:

    GORGEOUS! I love how the pintucks in the dress complement the circles in the sweater. Too bad about the shoes – they would be beautiful with your mini-wardrobe. (And thanks for even considering my input!)

  5. Camille says:

    You are making this dress for me and I am paying you:) How can I give you correct non pregnancy measurements?

  6. toy says:

    This fits so well on you, I love pintucks, I think people forget they exist because of all the ruffles in stores these days. Navy and Yellow is on my mind also, I love the Mod Cloth shoes, they look like they would be great for the office, I like the heel.

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