A very, very, VERY beginner sew along

I have a sister who is just wonderful.  She has been talking a bit lately about maybe wanting to sew so I want to do a sew along mainly for her, but if there is anyone else out there who is interested feel free to join in.  This will be as the title states for beginners.  I mean anyone can do it but it will be pretty simple.  When I made my navy tunic I kept thinking it might be something she would like, she lives in a hot climate and it is cute and simple to make, oh and it could be very cheap to make and she defines frugality.  So I am thinking I will maybe take about two weeks to do this, even though the top itself can be made in a couple of hours, but it is nice to spread things out sometimes.  So on Monday I will talk about buying fabric.  On Wednesday I will show how to prepare your pattern and Fri I will be cutting into the fabric.  So if you want to join along feel free.  If you have never sewn this might be a great way to start.  If you don’t have a machine borrow one from a friend (just make sure they show you how to wind the bobbin and thread the machine).  Oh this is the pattern we will be using, it is free on burdastyle.   It looks super boxy here but it turns out nice, especially for summer.  So stay tuned for fabric shopping advice on Monday!

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3 Responses to A very, very, VERY beginner sew along

  1. Mom says:

    How fun will this be?! Loooking forward to the project.

  2. Camille says:

    How fun! I might want to do this even though I won’t fit into it:) but I love the idea of a sew along! I wish I lived close to you so we could sew together!

  3. Julie says:

    I’m new to sewing and taking a class. This could be a great project for me. thanks

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