Some info for the very, very, Very beginer sew along… and the languishing dress

First off just a reminder that we will be printing and assembling our pattern on Thursday for the sew along so make sure you have your fabric.  I have had some concerns about not finding the right color of bias tape so I will also show you how to make your own bias tape during the sew along, you don’t need any extra fabric if you don’t mind piecing your tape so a few seams show.  That is actually what I did with my navy top.  Moving on….

This weekend I finished a quick knit maxi dress, yay!  I have never made a maxi dress before because as you know I live in Montana and am therefore a couple of years behind on the trends.  I got this pattern simplicity 3503  from Toy, who by the way has a great blog.

This pattern was super easy to sew up, it took me maybe two hours with lots of help from Roberto the serger.  I used a knit rayon I bought at last year.  On a side note I am so afraid of buying fabric online.  I like this dress, but the fabric is so sheer, I had to completely line the whole skirt.  The fabric also rolled like crazy on all the cut edges making it a big pain to work with.  I bought four different cuts of this pattern in different patterns so now I have to decide if I want to deal with the pain of working with it, or get rid of it and lose some money :(.  Anyway, I do really like this dress and the thin fabric will be nice if we ever get warm weather around here… which brings me to the naming of this dress.  The Languishing Dress, is so-called because it just makes me want to languish when I wear it, mostly because it is so long, but also because of the drapey fabric.

I was having fun with on this one 🙂

Can’t you see me languishing away, with my old-fashioned coloring, while I wait for my lost love to return from sea… Ha, you all are lucky I didn’t have a settee to languish on or I would have gone nuts with the pictures.  Really though I call this the languishing dress because it will probably languish in my closet for another month or so while I wait for good weather, it was 40 degrees when I took this pic.  Here is the real coloring

Look pockets!  I shouldn’t get so excited for a dress pattern with pockets since it really isn’t that hard to add pockets to any dress, but this just made me happy.  If you do make this pattern read the pattern review website on it.  Everyone recommended making a smaller size so I made the 8, adding 1/2 in to the bottom of the bodice, and it fit perfect.

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5 Responses to Some info for the very, very, Very beginer sew along… and the languishing dress

  1. Katie says:

    I love it! In fact, I just pulled this pattern from my stash to make this exact view!! Glad you mentioned the sizing… Oh the big 4.

  2. TishSch says:

    Very pretty dress! You did a great job on it!

  3. Angela says:

    Very nice. I thinking you look wonderful. Settee or not!LOL

  4. Camille says:

    LOVE the maxi dress Karen! I wear mine all the time now that I am nice and pregnant. Comfy, cozy, and coverage! Plus it actually looks fashioable:) Yours is beautiful!

  5. Eugenia says:

    I have made this pattern several times and love it. Your maxi looks fabulous – I hope you get some really good weather soon so you can wear it a lot!

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