A very, very, VERY beginner sew along 2- preping the pattern

Okie dokie, lets get sewing, or pattern assembling anyway.  First you need to find our pattern here on Burdastyle.com .  To be able to download you need to join and log in.  This is not a big deal, it is quick to do and you don’t have to promise them your first born or anything (although I wonder if they would take mine if I offered, hmmm).  Anyway after you have logged in go to the page with the pattern here and click on the “get it now” button.  This will put the pattern into your cart under account.  Now you will click “print pattern at home”, this will pull up a pdf of the pattern.  Now there are 20 pages to print of this pattern, before you print the whole thing you will want to print page three, this page has a test square.  So print page three then measure the square, if it measures 4in x 4 in you are good to go and you can print off the pattern.  If it is off you will need to adjust your scaling under your print options until you get that 4in x 4in measurement.  Sorry I don’t know how to post pictures of all this, I am kind of a computer idiot.

After you have printed your pattern it is time to assemble it.  For this  all you need is a flat surface and a roll of tape.  I recomend scotch tape, but I was out so I used some masking tape and it worked fine.  All over the pattern there are half triangles labeled with letters, so pretty much what you are doing is matching all the triangles to the corresponding triangle on the other page, clear as mud?  I do have some pics of this.

  • GREEN- our two pattern pieces
  • BLUE- sewing instructions
  • RED- Sizing of the sewn garment (not your body measurement, we will talk about that later)
  • BLACK- cutting lay out.  This is how you know where to put the pattern pieces on your fabric before you cut them.

Now when you have taped all your pages together it should look like the picture above.  Next we are going to cut out the two pattern pieces in preparation for placing them on the fabric.  This is where we need to know what size to cut out.  You will need to look here at the burdastyle sizing chart for this (it is at the very bottom of their website under website help).  The main measurements you are going to need are the bust and the hips since this top is loose on the waist.  So measure the fullest part of your bust over your bra.  Then measure the fullest part of your hips, this is usually about 7-9 inches below the natural waistline.  Now ladies I know we all like to pull that tape measure tight and estimate down, but now is not the time to do it, if you measure accurately you will have a much better fit.  If your bust and hip measurements are in different sizes that is okay, multi size patterns work great for solving that problem.

  • GREEN- side seam
  • PINK- neck line
  • BLUE- arm seam

In order to alter from a smaller bust to a larger hip, because lets face it that is what a lot of us deal with, you are going to draw a new cutting line from the bust area to about five inches above the bottom of the pattern.

So if you were a size 4 on top and 8 on the bottom you would draw a line like this.  This is the back piece, so you would need to make sure to do the same thing to the front piece.

Just place the two pieces next to each other with the bottoms matching up so you can make sure your changes start and end at the same spot.

Now that you are done with that you are almost ready to cut out your pattern.  A few more suggestions of things that I like to do are one, I like to add a couple of inches to the bottom if I have extra fabric, you can cut this off when you hem, but there is nothing more annoying than finishing something and having it be too short.  Also when you printed out the pattern she put finished garment measurements on the pattern, you may want to compare this to your actual measurements to make sure they aren’t smaller.  They should be larger than your actual measurements, this is called ease, it is the extra fabric that makes moving in a garment a possibility.  You must have ease if your fabric doesn’t stretch ( and generally you want ease even if your fabric does stretch).

So now you can cut out your two pattern pieces, just cut along the lines for your size and you are done!

Few… that was a lot of typing.  I hope I explained everything well enough, if you have any questions just ask, or if I forgot anything leave it in the comments and I will address it.  Here is the estimated schedule

  • Tomorrow- preparing your fabric and discussing muslins
  • Monday- cutting the fabric
  • Wednesday- start sewing!
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3 Responses to A very, very, VERY beginner sew along 2- preping the pattern

  1. Debi Miller says:

    Hi! I just found you last week by bloghopping although I cannot remember the route I took 🙂 I printed out the pattern, taped it together, and cut it out without any modifications. My only concern with this pattern and making it in cotton is: will it look like a medical scrub top? I plan on making muslin with some old fabric I have lying around. Thanks for doing this-it is my first sew a long!

    • montanachic says:

      You are right to be concerned, I felt that my top did look like scrubs, so I added some tucks in the sleeve and took in the sides a bit and it looked much better.

      • Debi Miller says:

        Thanks. I am going to make the muslin out of some really funky double knit fabric and if this works out I am going to use some knit that I have that someone gave me. I have my fingers crossed. We lived in Montana from 1983-1989 and loved it. My husband taught music in Rosebud, Absarokee, and Rapelje. While he taught in Absarokee we lived in Columbus. We just couldn’t make a living there. I really miss Montana and would love to come back for a visit some day. 🙂

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