A very, very, VERY beginner sew along 3- preping the fabric and discussing muslins

Pre-washing your fabric for sewing is important.  For years I never prewashed my fabric, then I had a top I really liked shrink a lot and I thought “why didn’t I pre-wash my fabric”!!!!!!!!  It is not hard to do, it doesn’t take a lot of time, and it can save you a lot of heartache.  Pretty much what you want to do is wash your fabric the same way you would wash the garment you make out of it, this will get all the possible shrinking done with.  I have four kids so most everything I buy is machine washable so right when I get home from the fabric store I throw it in the wash.  For the occasional hand wash fabric I just wash it in the sink and lay it flat to dry.   I don’t do anything to the very few dry clean fabrics I buy.  Some people will pre dry clean their fabric but since I am allergic to paying dry cleaning bills I don’t do that.

Another thing to discuss is whether you want to make a muslin.  A muslin is pretty much a mock up of the garment in an inexpensive fabric to make sure the fit is right.  I don’t always make muslins.  Usually if my fabric is less than five dollars a yard, or there isn’t a lot of detail in a fit I will not make a muslin.  Some times you can make a muslin out of a cheap fabric that  you mostly like and hope that it works, this is called a wearable muslin, so if it works great you have a cheap top if not no big loss.  So you can make your own decision about whether or not you want to make one, I don’t think with this top that it is really needed, but you know how much you love your fashion fabric so you can make your own choice.

So we will be cutting on Monday, whether into your fashion fabric or your muslin fabric.  So wash that farbic and have a great weekend!

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