A very, very, VERY beginner sew along 5- binding the arms and neck

Alright is everyone excited?  It is time to sew!  Bet ya didn’t think sewing involved so much time not actually sewing.  If you look at the instructions printed out with the pattern step one isn’t really a step, more of a guide for seam allowances that we don’t need for the binding so just ignore it for now.

Step two tells us to attach the binding to the arms and neck. Binding is slightly wider on one side than the other.

If you look really closely at my thumb you can see what I mean (sorry about the pictures, my camera doesn’t like super close ups).

If you made your own binding make sure to iron it like this.  With the piece underneath a bit longer than the one on top, so don’t fold it exactly down the center.

Any way you want to open your seam binding up and pin the shorter, or smaller seam to the neck edge of your fabric right sides together.  This means the right, or pretty side of your fabric will be against the right side of the binding.

You want the edge of your binding right up against the edge of your fabric, pin it in place every 1-2 inches.  When you get better at sewing you will find that your don’t need to pin as much, but if you are just starting out I recommend a lot of pinning to keep everything in place.  Now you want to sew along the binding (green line shows you where) in the first dent all along the length of the neck.  If you are new to sewing take it slow and try for a nice straight stitch.

Now it says to cut the binding before attaching it, but what I like to do is attach the binding to the neck first, then cut it.  This way you are not having lots of leftover cut bits of binding.  Let me show you what I mean.

After cutting you want to fold the binding over to the wrong side and pin it in place.

The backside of the tape should extend just a bit longer than the front.  Now you are going to turn it over and stitch in the ditch (this means stitching in a line where two seams meet) right next to the seam binding on the FRONT of the fabric.

This is a point where you want to be very precise with your sewing.  If you feel you can’t sew right in the seam of the binding and the fabric you may want to practice sewing some extra binding to some left over scraps of fabric.  This is what it should look like when you are done.


This is the back, you can’t really see well, but the very edge of the bias tape right next to the backside of the fabric has a stitch line through it.  This is from stitching on the top of the fabric we just did, you want to make sure you caught bias tape in the seam all along the back.

Now do the exact same thing to both sleeves.

The sleeves are in the green.

That is all for today, here are pictures of the two I am making.

top for my daughter

One for me, as you can see I didn't bind the sleeves, I am going to try something else on them.

So I hope that is all clear, again I am sorry about the poor pictures.  Friday we will be assembling the top and talking about fit, then next Monday we will hem it up and be done!

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