A very, very, VERY beginner sew along 6- sewing the seams

Now comes the super gratifying part, where your top takes shape.  Lets look again at our instruction sheet

Step one tells us to use 1/2 inch seam allowances.  A seam allowance is the distance between the needle and the edge of the fabric that is on the inside of the garment.  To find a half inch lower your needle and measure from the needle 1/2 inch to the right (on most machines this is the right side of the presser foot).  This will be your guide.  We already completed step two so on to three.  It tells us to gather between the small dots along the bust line.  Remember those little snips we did next to the dots?  We are going to gather our fabric between them.

To do this you need to use a long basting stitch (usually there is a stitch length know or button you can adjust to 5).  You need to stitch 1/4 in away from the edge and then again 1/2 in away from the edge.

Now you are going to take the loose threads at the end of your two stitch lines and pull and gather the fabric.

Now we are going to pin our two edges with the gathering to our front bodice piece.  We will be pining them to the angeled side that looks like the top of a house.

The blue is your 1/2 in seam line you are going to sew, notice how at the point the fabric doesn’t extend all the way.  This is because of the seam lines.  You want the side of your bias tape to end 1/2 inch from the edge of the triangle piece of fabric.  Pin both pieces on to the triangle piece.  Making sure one end looks like the pic above, and the other end of the bust line extends 1/2 inch past the side of the front piece.  Now baste with your long machine stitch along the stitch line.  Remove all your pins, turn it out and make sure it looks good from the front.  If if looks good stitch over your basted line with a regular stitch.  If you messed something up that is why we basted because basting stitches are easy to rip out with a seam ripper.  So if it looks bad do it again until it looks right.  Now press your seams towards the bottom of the garment.

Now we are going to sew the sides together.  Turn your top so the right sides are facing together and pin along the side seam line.

Sew along the seam line as shown above in blue, after you sew this clip where the green line is being careful not to clip through your seam your jest sewed.

Now try your garment on and see how it looks.  If it is like mine it was big and baggy and didn’t look so great.  If you like how it looks then great you are done until next week.  If you want a little more fit take that top off and put it on again inside out.

As you can see it fits my hips but is super baggy everywhere else.  So what I did was stick a pin along the fabric where it fit my hip and at the top right under my arm. Then I pinned down along both sides taking it in along the green line.  After I had it pinned to where the shape looked good I made sure I could take it off with the pins marking my new seam line still in.  Once it was off I folded it in half to make sure all my pins were even on both sides then I drew along my pin lines with some chalk.  After that I sewed with my needle on the chalk line I had just drawn.

Sorry this picture is crazy blurry, but you can see that the fit is much better.  So that is it for today, we will be hemming on Monday.  If there are any questions post them below and I will answer the best I can.  Have a great weekend!

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One Response to A very, very, VERY beginner sew along 6- sewing the seams

  1. Carolyn says:

    The fabric you are using is so pretty! And I really like the fact that you’ve gone to the effort of finishing your seams with HongKong seaming. This isn’t a lot of extra work, and is definitely worth the effort.

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