The “I am just not sure” jacket

I was hoping to finish this jacket in time for the pattern review lined jacket contest, but my daughters 8 hour volleyball tournament made that impossible (they got 2nd place 🙂 ).  I really don’t mind that I didn’t get it done in time though because I am just not sure about this one.  I had this pattern (butterick 5335)  in my stash for over a year now.

I loved this jacket the first time I saw it so I bought the pattern right away planning to sew it up last spring.  Then I looked at reviews on and I was undecided.  I like the basic look of the jacket all made up, but I couldn’t get over the sleeves.  They just looked a little court jesterish and since I don’t know how to juggle…. well I just didn’t think it would work.  So I put it away but every time I went through my patterns I still really liked it so I decided to go for it and just try something different with the sleeves.

I found a purple poly blend that looks like linen and was actually pretty easy to work with.  It for sure didn’t press like linen, but since the jacket doesn’t have a lot of structure it worked nicely.  I lined it with a purple charmuese.  Instead of spending a hefty sum on magnectic snaps like the pattern says I just put button holes of the inside of the jacket so you have the button free look when the jacket is closed.  I think I spent about 10 dollars in all for this jacket.  I also made a casing on the sleeve and made some cording to put in it so the sleeves are gathered and I do like that a lot better than the juggling look.  Any way I am not sure if I like it.  It is one of those things where if the collar lays right I love it, but it doesn’t always want to lay right.



Here is my newly gathered sleeve, I think I like this, but I am not sure if it makes it look homemadey.

Here is the back view, I like this view the best.  Maybe I should just walk around backwards whenever I wear this.  Another adjustment I made to this pattern was to make the back belt about two inches smaller so I have a bit of a gathered effect in the back.

So there she is in all her purple glory.  What do you think?  Is she a keeper?  I just can’t decide.

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5 Responses to The “I am just not sure” jacket

  1. TanitIsis says:

    I think it’s very cute—I like your gathered sleeve although I don’t necessarily think the original looks bad. I sympathize on the collar problem though—I made a little jacket last fall that looks great in photos, but as soon as I move bunches and folds weirdly. It’s very annoying 😛

    I don’t think it looks home-madey at all, though—try wearing it around and see how you feel! The construction looks great 🙂

  2. Katie says:

    I think it’s pretty darn cute, and not homemade at all. I was equally ambivalent about this jacket pattern. Yours is the best one I’ve seen, hands down. Now what did I do with that pattern?

  3. Its lovely… I like your sleeve variation much better than original!

  4. SewOm says:

    I vote keep it and wear it. It goes fantastically with your white jeans and the color flatters you nicely. My favorite of your alterations is the back belt. That little bit of gathering is a lovely effect.

  5. We like your version of B5335 so much we posted a link to your blog from our Butterick Patterns facebook page. Nice work!

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