The Curtsy Skirt

My six year old is playing piano in the school talent show today and she informed me she needed to wear a skirt so that she could curtsy when she was done playing.  Of course she already has a million skirts but I generally need very little reason to make something new.  So I wanted something simple, quick, and cute that I could use fabric from my stash to make.  I found this layered skirt that Bridget made at Everyday Chaos.  I did my waistband differently because I used some leftover pink bias binding that I already had so I didn’t have matching fabric to make the waistband out of, hers is cuter but I am happy with the results and my daughter loves it and practiced her curtsy all morning 🙂

Can I just say how hard it is to get a 6 year old to pose perfectly for the camera.  It is actually a beautiful sunny day which none of us are used to so of course she must close her eyes!

Here is the much practiced curtsy, you can see the look of intense concentration on her face.

If you have a little cutey and you are looking for a quick project, it took me about half an hour, using small amounts of fabric that will just make her day this is the skirt for you.  I see a few more of these in my little sweeties future.

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2 Responses to The Curtsy Skirt

  1. melissa says:

    Oh, how cute! You are right about the second photo. Curtsying is serious business.

  2. Steph says:

    Cute!Reagan curtsies all the time! She and Grace would be great friends, I think!

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