The dress that took forever

**** I will have the results for the confession poll posted on Friday so you have one more day to take it if you want***

So this dress really didn’t take forever, about 6 hours to be exact, but it took a lot longer than I thought it would.  I wanted a casual shirt dress for summer, something like this, and for some reason in my head the fancier something is the harder it should be to make.  This obviously isn’t true as I learned from making my own jeans which are soooo not fancy but were really a lot of work.  So this dress wasn’t difficult to make, it just had a lot of details that took time, like

  • 6 darts
  • inerfaced collar and lapel
  • 9 buttons and button holes
  • home made belt

I started with this pattern that I found at my local thrift store, Simplicity

Check out all that 70s fabulousness!  As tempted as I was by the sleeveless baby pink maxi shirtdress I decided to go with view one and shorten the sleeves for summer.  I used a linen blend I found at joanns that is super thin but not transparent so I knew it would be perfect for summer.  This pattern actually fit me perfectly, the only thing I altered was to shorten the sleeves and I did  a cuff I could fold instead of a buttoned cuff.

Now the pattern wanted me to make a sash, but at this point I only had scraps left so I wrapped them around a belt kit I found at the thrift store.  I am really not sure if I like it with the fabric belt, I feel a little like I am about to head out to my over night shift at the diner, so here are pics with other belts.

With a skinny belt

and with a fat belt.

So here it is my simple to wear but not so simple to make shirt dress.

Cost: $10.50

Time to make: 6 hours


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7 Responses to The dress that took forever

  1. Tanit-Isis says:

    Super cute! I love the fabric. I think the wide belt look is my fave but they’re all great. 😀

  2. Katie says:

    I love it! I recently made a blue shirtdress with a self fabric belt that made me feel the same way – 50s waitress vs. laundry lady. I wear it with various other belts and love it, but that self fabric belt isn’t getting any love.

  3. Faye Lewis says:

    What a wonderful dress. The fabric you used is just right for that pattern.

    So glad you are interested in the Dress Challenge. You will be able to find all the particulars at this address:

    Just let me know if/when you decide to join, include your email address, and I’ll add you right in. This challenge is going to be GREAT fun!

  4. Carolyn says:

    I love your “votes” they are such fun! I like it the best with the wide belt (I did put my vote in properly too). Apart from for dressing gowns I don’t make fabric belts any more, because they get all screwed up and squashed up in no time, no matter how well interfaced they are…

  5. Eugenia says:

    Great dress! I think you did very well to get it done in 6 hours – there’s a lot of work involved in this kind of dress. I rather like the fabric belt – it adds to the vintage vibe. I really think you should make the maxi version too – very 70’s cool!

  6. Mom says:

    I think you should have used a fabric with stretch in it. Don’t get me wrong, the dress looks so cool and relaxed and comfortable. I like the fabric belt because it is a different look, but I think you need some chunky jewelry. And I was amazed that the dress you were inspired by was 500 dollars! Way to go Karen. It is just that the 70’s was all about stretch material for everything! Clingy, alluring, swingy. I know, I lived it! So I think you should make the dress again but use a stretch fabric. Have you ever made a Diane Von Furstenberg Wrap Dress out of crazy mod stretch fabric. You should google it…I think you might like it. They were all the rage and so easy to make! And it made Diane a multimillionaire many times over. Interesting woman,she.

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