The results are in!

As promised I have the results for the sewing confession poll.  Here we go….

1.  “Have you ever sewn in your underwear?”  (For all you non-sewists out there we don’t sew in our undies for the fun of it.  In fact you never start sewing in your underwear you just get sick of changing in and out of your clothes to check fit so eventually you just end up in your unmentionables.)

YES 76%

NO 24%

2.  “Have you ever hidden fabric at the store so you could come back and buy it when it is on sale?”

YES 17%

NO 83%

3.  “Have you ever fed your children cookies for dinner so they would leave you alone to sew?”

YES 23%

NO 77%

4.  “Have you ever thought of fabric or sewing during “you know what”?”

YES 58%

NO 42%

5.  “Have you ever been so obsessed with a project that you woke up at two in the morning to work on it?”

YES 57%

NO 43%

6.  “Have you ever justified buying fabric with the thought that you could sell your firstborn?”

YES 9%

No 91%

7.  “How many boxes could you fill with your stash?”

1-3  34%

4-7  42%

8-11  17%

There are not enough boxes in existence  7%

8.  “Have you ever called in sick so you could stay home and sew?”

YES 45%

NO 55%

9.  “How long would you stand in line to buy fabric?”

10 minutes top  22%

30 minutes  57%

1 hour or more  22%

10.  “Have you found yourself talking to your fabric or sewing machine?”

YES  85%

NO  15%

11.  “Have you ever hidden recent fabric purchases in the car until the husband has gone to bed and then you sneak them in to the stash and hope he doesn’t notice?”

YES  55%

NO  45%

There you have it.  Now you can give yourself a little self diagnosis to see how sane, or insane, you are.  I have to say seeing what you all put made me feel a little better about my oddities.

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2 Responses to The results are in!

  1. Meredith says:

    LOL! Awesome. You are officially not weird, you just have a hobby that causes moments of weirdness.

  2. dixie says:

    I think some of those “no” people are lying about number four. Just sayin’.

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