The Third Law

Montanachic’s 3rd Law of Sewing Nature-

When trying to find the perfect fabric in the perfect color the fabric store will never have said fabric.  After the seamstress has “settled” on something else and sewed it up the aforementioned perfect fabric will magically appear at the fabric store.

On a side note if you are at the fabric store and you are trying to look under the cutting counter at the fabric needing to be put back on the shelf when the clerk asks “what you are doing” and you say “do you happen to have my perfect plaid under here?” the clerk will look at you like you are crazy.

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3 Responses to The Third Law

  1. TishSch says:

    So (sew) true! 🙂

  2. Tanit-Isis says:

    The fourth law: after you are strong and resist the gorgeous fabric even though it’s on sale, because you have no idea what project it would be good for, you will get home and realize that it’s exactly what you need for something else you already had in mind. 😉

    And it’s not at my local fabric store either, but one across town…

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