Knock it off!….Talbots hiker plaid skirt

I know, I know, Talbots is a store my mother loves, but look at this skirt!

It is so cute!!!!  Plus the model is significantly younger than my mom.  Lets face it she is significantly younger than myself.  I find it funny that they call it the hiking skirt, are those her special hiking boots she is wearing?  Anyway I had been wanting to make something for the pattern review RTW contest and I thought at first I would enter my shirtdress, but I saw this and knew I had to make it.  After I got over the fact that I wasn’t going to find the exact plaid in the picture this skirt was really fun to make.

I started by measuring from my waist to just below my knees.  Then I divided that up into the waistband, skirt section, and bias cut band at the bottom.  I really wanted to get the ration just right between the skirt section and the bias bottom so I got out my little ruler and measured the skirt on my computer.  I ended up with 1.75 cm for the bias and 3.25 cm for the skirt section.  Then I did a little math that I don’t want to try to explain and figured the bias band should be 8 inches and the skirt section should be 15 inches with a 2 inch waist band.

After figuring my measurements I drew it out on a piece of paper to figure out how much fabric I would need.  It looked kind of like this

I don’t remember how long the piece was that the bias was cut out of, I just know that three yards was what I needed if you want you can do the math.  I sewed the 19 in pieces together so I ended up with one long piece then I pleated it.  This is where the plaid I picked was nice because I just pleated along all the white stripes.  I cut two pieces of waist band and interfaced them both since it was cut on the bias and I didn’t want it to stretch a lot.

As far as sewing I

  1. Basted over the pleats I had made to hold them in place
  2. Sewed the two large bias pieces together
  3. Sewed the bias to the skirt piece and cut off any extra
  4. Held skirt around my waist and pinned where I wanted the seam
  5. Sewed the seam and inserted a side zipper
  6. Cut waistband one inch longer than waist so I had room to lap it and add a hook and eye
  7. Sewed waistband and facing together on short ends and along one long end (it also would have worked to cut it wider and just fold it)
  8. Sewed waistband to waist and finished the inside by serging and stitching in the ditch on the outside.
  9. Hem with a 5/8 in fold
  10. Sewed hook and eye at waist.

It was pretty easy to put together once I figured out the correct ratios.  I also had to be careful when cutting for the areas where the plaid needed to match up.  So here she is…

The contest on pattern review wants you to model in the same pose as the RTW, I had a hard time getting my skirt to behave perfectly.

I had to post this next one because my 3 year olds face cracks me up, she was mad I wouldn’t let her take pictures.

and the close up

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9 Responses to Knock it off!….Talbots hiker plaid skirt

  1. Mom says:

    Um I think Talbot’s is getting younger and or I am getting a lot older! It is more of an East Coast business set than West Coast Cool. But I do love the skirt and I still love the store. I just have to be really selective. The skirt is really fabulous. So do you check out the Talbot’s Web Site? And Ann Taylor?

    Honestly Karen you make me miss sewing. It really is creative fun relaxation with results that last a long time! Thanks for the fun read.

  2. Bernice says:

    You’ve done a great job of the knock-off. Even the pose is pretty close. The colour of the skirt looks fabulous with your hair.

  3. Sophia says:

    Your outfit is really chic and perfect for the warmer months. You did a great job picking out the fabric and working with the plaid.

    I’ve been into Talbots a few times just to check it out and have been pleasantly surprised with the choices for the under 40 set.

  4. Eugenia says:

    Great job!! I love your skirt and it looks fabulous on you, especially with that top. I have noticed that Talbots seem to have really raised their game recently – worth watching!

  5. Katie says:

    I love it!!! Totally worth knocking off.

  6. Melanie says:


    You did it!! It looks great and so good on you. I might even actually look through my stash to see what fabrics I have laying around that might work for a skirt like that. I think the fabric you picked worked great. Keep it up – makes me want to dust off my machine and actually sew something fun for summer.

  7. Chris says:

    I LOVE this skirt! And what a great job you did. This also looks like a nice pattern for someone who hasn’t worked with plaids much….like me, makes we want to go out and by some plaid.

  8. Jillian says:

    I love this skirt on you! So chic….and so Montana! 😉

    Jillian (the sewer formerly known as Karen who formerly lived in Montana)….what are the odds, eh?

  9. Oooh I love that skirt!! You look amazing 😀

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