Me Made June days 1-6


Simple two piece tunic

Self drafted white jeans

belt from Ross


70s pattern knit top

RTW jeans converted to skinny jeans


“It IS easy being green” self drafter top

RTW jeans

June 4

McCalls 5039 dress pattern made as a top

RTW shorts


Hand me down top from my sister

Pillowcase to paperbag skirt


Banana Republic top

Pants turned to skirt


Things I have learned from my first me made week

  • It really wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be
  • I need more items to wear on the bottom
  • I don’t have enough super casual (ie gardening, little league watching) clothes and I don’t know that I really want to make clothes to garden in.  Something to think about anyway.
  • It is super duper fulfilling and fun to wear something I have made every day!
  • And last of all I am way more likely to put on makeup if I am taking my picture every day :).
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2 Responses to Me Made June days 1-6

  1. melissa says:

    Look at you! Not only are most of these garments made by you, but they are *drafted* by you!

  2. You are my hero! Seriously! Self-drafted jeans–those are incredible. I love that green top too. Totally impressed.

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