The Making of A Bedroom part 2: The Great Curtain Fiascoe.

The one thing I planned on not making in this bedroom was the curtains because I found some that were perfect and only 8 dollars a panel at Ross.

They were really perfect, until I went to hang them up.  You see I have nine foot ceilings in my basement so the window is higher than normal and the curtains were too short, and no it wouldn’t have worked to sew panels on the bottom the fabric was sheer and too strong a pattern to add more to it!  I do realize that it is great that we have high ceilings in our basement and I sound like a total brat to be complaining about it but I really didn’t want to have to make curtains.

So we headed out to the fabric store to see what we could find, and luckily we found a fabric that was the perfect shade of pink for only 2.50 a yard with a coupon!!!!!  Since I was making them myself I decided to go all the way to the ceiling.  This is what we ended up with.

I think they turned out pretty good, for sure better than the store bought ones, and making curtains is really not hard.  Since the window faces our side yard that no one ever sees I lined them with some old cream colored cotton table cloths.  So the total floor to ceiling curtain cost in our frugal makeover was 15 dollars!

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2 Responses to The Making of A Bedroom part 2: The Great Curtain Fiascoe.

  1. Anonymous says:

    So Candice Olsen. Have fun with everything. I found a really wonderful nightstand with three drawers in it for storage. It is finished in oak and cherry but in my heart of hearts I want to paint it white. Can I do it, I mean cover all that nice cherry and oak? The piece is 40 years old, by Lane Furniture of Virginia and it has center wood drawer glides, dust inserts, it is just cherry and they cool midcentury lines….maybe I can start a sewing blog, but oh, I would have to buy a sewing maching? haha

  2. Steph says:

    Love the fabric!! I just bought a bunch of it to make Mere’s carseat cover and some booties and a skirt for Camryn!! 🙂 It was such a good deal for cute stuff!

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