The Making of A Bedroom part 4: The Magnet Board

I think it is a common theme in families that mothers make kids bedrooms all cute and adorable then kids try to ruin it all by hanging ugly crap all over the walls.  My daughter is a bit or a pack rat and likes to keep and display everything FOREVER!  So our compromise was that she could hang up whatever she wanted as long as it fit on a magnet board.  I wanted a fairly large one, about 3 ft by 4 ft since the ceilings are high and we were hanging it on a long wall.  It is really hard to find something that big for under 75 dollars.  So I of course made my own.  I started with these things…

  • left over piece of luan, or thin plywood would work.
  • left over heater ducting from basement addition (I also bought one piece at habitat humanity restore for 2 dollars).
  • heavy duty adhesive that will work on metal and wood.

First I very carefully unrolled the ducting, this was kind of a pain to get it unhooked but I got it after playing around with it for a while.  Then using my tin snips and some gloves I cut the ducting the same size.  then I spread out glue on my wood and flattened the metal sheets on it.  Then I added a lot of weight on top.  This was necessary because the metal wanted to keep rolling back up on me.

As you can see I used anything heavy in my garage.  I got a good muscle workout that day.  After everything was good and dry I cut the extra wood off around the metal.  Then I cut some left over trim from our basement project with my little had miter saw, painted it, and glued it on the edges.  I screwed some screws into the molding from the back so I wouldn’t have any nail holes to fill.  I caulked the edges, did some touch up paint and wala a new magnet board.

The down side to doing it this way is that you end up with a seam down the middle, but the frame looks better than the ones on most magnet boards.  We also had a fun time making the magnets.  I bought a set at Walmart that had sticky stuff on the back.  We stuck the magnets on some scrap book paper, cut it out around the edge and then stuck some little gems on it that I had leftover from another project.

This was a really fun simple project to do together, we had a great time.  She loves her board and the magnets, and I love the kids stuff contained to one area.

Cost: 6 dollars for board and magnets (it definitely helped that I had lots of scraps)

Time: About 2 hours not including dry time

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2 Responses to The Making of A Bedroom part 4: The Magnet Board

  1. Mom says:

    Karen, I think mentally your are an engineer at heart. The best part is that Audrey loved working on it with you and has a wonderful project that is sooo functional. I cannot wait to see the whole room reveal. Looking good.

  2. Mom says:

    PS. I also love the voila comment…like it was so cinchy to do. I would be quaking in my boots figuring out how to do it and then nervous about the execution….great job.

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