The tunic for my little girl?

Confession time, I really am a terrible seamstress.  I made this shirt for my 11 year old and when she tried it on it fit her, but only because it was a knit.  I copied the fit from a shirt she has that fits now.  I just lay the old shirt on the fabric and cut around it like I have done a million times in the past but it ended up really tight.  I really just forgot to compare the stretchiness of the two fabrics, the fabric I used for the new shirt was NOT as stretchy.  So I just let it sit on my dresser for a few weeks taunting me with its general cuteness but inability to be worn.  So as it was taunting me I got so annoyed that I was struck with inspiration.  What is too small to be a shirt for my 11 year old may be a perfect tunic for my six year old.

She loves to jump in pictures and it cracks me up!

So it turns out my general inability to sew has turned out okay yet again.  I gotta say it is nice to have three daughters because whatever I make should fit someone in my house.

P.S. If any BYU football players happen to read my blog would you please win your game tonight?  My husband is a pain to live with when you lose.

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5 Responses to The tunic for my little girl?

  1. Tanit-Isis says:

    This looks super cute! I know the feeling about multiple daughters—I only have two, but then I have two nieces stepping down in size, so everything that’s outgrown is almost guaranteed to get good use.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have to laugh at Brad. He is always so even and calm, but I can see how he might get miffed with BYU losing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I would of eat her pussy and make her pregnant. Make her suck my cock as I throw heavy load on her sweet face and pull her hair back so she swallows deeply.

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