A home for the pretty things I make

So apparently I haven’t blogged for over a month, which sadly means that I also haven’t sewed for over a month.  I wish I had some noble excuse for this like achieving world peace but the truth is that I have just been lazy.  I did finish up a project I started a while ago.  I was at Lowes in September and they had some closet drawers for an closet organization system on clearance.  Now when I say clearance I mean CLEARANCE, three dollars a drawer!!!!!!  Over 90% off!!!!!  Now if you know me you know my evil/frugal alter ego CANNOT walk away from a deal like that.  I have wanted to organize my closet for a while now but didn’t want to spend 200 dollars to do it.  The down side to all this is that the drawers were on clearance because they were the only part of the closet system left to sell.  For 12 dollars for the 4 drawers I decided I could make something work.  So I went to one of my favorite blogs Ana-White.com and looked up her plans for closet organizing.  I didn’t follow her plans exactly, but I got a general idea of what to do.  So I used my clearance drawers, the shelving I took down from my closet and a bunch of left over wood in my basement to turn my closet from this…



(Yes I have a gigantor closet 8 ft by 11 ft, eat your heart out!)  To this…



From the other corner…

view from the other corner

I had originally made it in white, but since I was using all scrap wood it didn’t all match up super perfect so painted it all with some left over glossy black paint that I had gotten at the Habitat for Humanity restore for 5 bucks (love that place).  The coat of black paint really pulled it all together and hid all the Many Many perfections that happen when you don’t have fancy tools, decent wood or the desire to do a really great job:).  The wall across from the one just has the orignal shelf with a hanging rod.  The closet is really so big that I only needed to do one wall of built ins to hold all our stuff.  Now since I have done this the shelf on the opposite wall is empty so I better get to work sewing stuff to fill it up.  Oh and the final cost for everything was 20 dollars!


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8 Responses to A home for the pretty things I make

  1. Uta says:

    That looks great! The size of your closet equals DD’s bedroom. (I always joke I’ll get a walk-in closet when she moves out… Now I know what it’ll look like.) You’ve got to love spacious American homes! (I hope you get back to sewing soon – you have to fill this space!)

  2. Susan/Mom says:

    I love walk in closets too. When we finally had a walk in closet and it was roomy, I found out we were having twins. So guess who got to use the walk in closet first? hahah

  3. Susan/Mom says:

    PS…you have to have Santa bring you matching hangers for Christmas! It makes the closet look really really really nice.

  4. Susan/Mom says:

    PPS…The closet looks amazing. You are amazing. Great job! Does Brad notice when you do these ‘projects’? Or is he oblivious? hahaha

  5. Anonymous says:

    you need a lovely bench in the center so you can sit down and put your shoes on, oh, and a big mirror like Leslie!

  6. Nice redo! I have a big closet, but not that big. I could that up in a hearbeat!

  7. Oh wow. I would do anything to have a closet this size. I’m practically turning green!

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