Simplicity 2599, or I will soon be giving birth to orange ruffles.

Well what do you know, I actually sewed something (round of applause please).  I keep trying to get this ruffle trend right, after my failed flying squirrel attempt) and I think maybe I did this time.  I went with Simplicity 2599 in an orange/red “silk” charmeuse (I think they like to call it silk charmeuse because polyester charmeuse just doesn’t have the same ring).  Anyway it was a pretty easy to make shell of a top with the ruffles just sewn onto the front.  I used my rolled hem finish on my serger to finish the edge of the ruffles rather than fold and stitch like the pattern said.


The fuzzy pictures are a result of my 12 year old taking the pics, she is not as steady as a tripod.

So I am happy with it when I see pictures of it, but when I wear it and look down at this huge amount of ruffly fabric I feel like I have a “baby bump” of ruffles.  So I guess I have to ignore how I feel when I wear it and remember that it looks good and not pregnanty.

I like it with the jacket to make it more “wintery” since I do live in the land of perpetual winter.

So things I have learned from Simplicity 2599

* “silk” charmeuse isn’t that bad to sew with if the pattern isn’t too fitted.

* my daughter is not capable of using a camera, yet I will trust her to babysit all the other kids so I can get a break every once in a while.

* orange doesn’t look too bad on me.  It isn’t a color I ever pick for myself but I picked it in this case to go with a skirt I will soon be making and I am pretty happy with it.

*charmeuse does NOT photograph well, it looks all plasticy when in reality it is soft and shinny.

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9 Responses to Simplicity 2599, or I will soon be giving birth to orange ruffles.

  1. Katie says:

    So pretty!! I have a ton of charmeuse, and I’m so intimidated by it. This looks great. I need to get over my fear.

  2. Shannon says:

    I think this looks great on you. The color is gorgeous and the ruffles are a great feature. I like it with and without the jacket. Great top!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is pregnanty a word? Ha! I really like it, and I don’t normally love ruffles. You totally pulled it off.

  4. Tanit-Isis says:

    It looks great, not at all pregnanty! I am thoroughly chickensh*t about slippery fabrics of any kind—so you have kudos from me.

    I like ruffles, but often smaller than originally drafted… 🙂

  5. Mom says:

    Yummy. I think the misnomer is Polyester which tends to be a bit bulky as opposed to Silk which is light and drapey. (SP) It really looks smashing on you Karen, but I am just a bit prejudiced. haha. I think you should wear this color more often too.

  6. Mom says:

    I think it would look really great with tan or beige tweed slacks for a date night look, but maybe they don’t do that in Mt? Too city? haha

  7. That is a great color for you–you’re going to have to look for more. The ruffles really work!

  8. dixie says:

    i think that orange looks great on you! love the shirt and the rolled ruffle edges are a good idea, probably much less bulky, too, than folding under.

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