Modern 60s Mod

Project run and play’s theme for the week was sewing through the decades.  So I decided to go with a 60s mod look.  I adore Twiggy so I did some research on the whole mod look.  It was pretty much pioneered by Mary Quant .  She made fashion young and affordable and loved using unexpected materials.  She often used simple lines, short skirts and fun tights.  Now while I love all these things they are NOT for my body.  If you look at Twiggy she really did have the body of a little girl, very thin with no hips, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make something mod.  If I can’t do it for myself then why not for my straight limbed no hipped daughter.  So I made a dress, leggings, and a jacket.

I started with a simple dress that I made the pattern from by tracing a t-shirt that fits her then just making it longer.  I added the sleeve cuffs and boat neck for a simple but contrasting detail.  I made the leggings out of an old t-shirt.  I do this a lot for my girls, it is cheap and easy.  I have thought of doing a tutorial on it sometime if anyone is interested.  To add a little interest and keep it with the Mary Quant ideal I cute strips of hot pink knit and sewed them on  with a zig zag stitch in silver metalic thread.


I also made a jacket with some blue houndstooth I was going to use for a skirt for myself but it just really wanted to be this jacket.

I made the pattern using an old raglan sleeve tshirt then extended the front when I cut it out so that it would overlap.  I bagged the linning so I wouldn’t have to do a lot of hand stitching.  I put a little half collar on the back only.  I was very excited when I found the big yellow buttons, I feel like they add that touch of the mod look.

I was hoping to make a matching hat but I just ran out of time, oh well.  This was a fun challenge, I loved learning more about 60’s fashion and making something cute for my little sweetie pie:)


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7 Responses to Modern 60s Mod

  1. Angela says:

    I love this! It is an adorable outfit. The B/W check with the yellow is smashing. I wonder how this would translate into a “big girl” outfit? 🙂

  2. prttynpnk says:

    OK, that is just too cute!! I love it- you so need a matching outfit!

  3. Tanit-Isis says:

    SO CUTE! I love the little jacket. I actually have a couple of 60s vintage kids patterns, unfortunately all too small for my kids at this point. I made up one of the A-line dresses for Syo back when I was first blogging, and it was super cute (and astonishingly short—and I made the longer length!) I have a really adorable boys’ coat pattern, too, but I haven’t got any little boys to sew for at the moment.

  4. googiemomma says:

    love this–ALL of it! the mustard yellow/blue & white houndstooth combo is perfect!!!
    of course i’m having a love affair with houndstooth lately…so i may be biased (i just did four–count em–four matching navy houndstooth dresses for my girlies…post should be up this week sometime).
    anyway–back to you 😉 love the a-line jacket, and you’re right–those big buttons make it!

  5. Mom says:

    Being from the enslaved generation, Twiggy was the It Girl of the late sixties and seventies. She was a waif, painted on her lower eye lashes and had short sleek hair! Everyone went nuts over her! Of course we went nuts over the Beatles too, I guess you just had to be there.
    To complete Brittan’s look she need a billed cap in the houndstooth, black or yellow tights and black Mary Jane shoes. We all dressed the same back then and dieted like mad to get that waif look. It was a lot of fun and broke up all that studying you were doing so you could get into a good college. Pressure?, oh yeah!

  6. What a great outfit! I am totally jealous of your daughter. The collar only on the back is such an interesting detail; I’m saving it for later.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Karen, as you know I have been sewing forever but I was never as creative as you have been. Maybe the few times I copied dresses from stores like the blue dress I made for Audrey when she was little. Anyway I really admire you and am contstantly amazed at all the fun and cute creations you have come up with. Keep it up, you and the kids look amazing in the outfits you create. Wish my mind worked in creative ways but alas I need a pattern!! By-the-way, Brittan looks adorable in that outfit!!!

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