My signature look

*** Through a really stupid mistake on my part I missed the deadline for the signature look entry so I saved this for the open auditions***

The final weeks theme for Project Run and Play at home sew along was to make your signature look.  This created a bit of a conundrum for me.  How do you know what your signature look is?  When I sew I just make stuff I like, I don’t know that I have a certain esthetic or not.  Maybe I do and I just have never noticed.  So I thought of the three things I usually start with when sewing for my kids… practicality, durability, and versatility.  Now if I am making them dresses for church and I am less likely to follow those three things, but Brittan was in need of more every day clothes so I wanted to stick to those ideas, of course I also wanted what I made to be dang cute!  So I had to start with leggings and a skirt.  These are great for Montana springs since it can often start the day at 30 degrees and end it at 80.  Leggings and a skirt are great because you can just loose the leggings in the afternoon, I also wanted a jacket for the reasons above.  So I went to the fabric store to look for the perfect fabric to build the whole look around and found a funky yellow and black cotton print that I love.  So this is what I made.

A PURSE- This was actually a quickly thrown together after thought.  My daughter tends to do the picture thing better if she has something cute to play with.

A HEADBAND- This was simple, I just serged the edges, pleated the fabric while I ran it through the machine and sewed some elastic on the ends.

ARGYLE LEGGINGS- I make leggings a lot for my girls.  They love wearing them.  Every day my 3 year old wakes up and says she wants to wear pants (leggings), and a skirt, and a shirt.  I wanted to add a little something extra so I cut out diamonds out of knit scraps and sewed them to the legging fabric (that I made out of an old tshirt) then sewed crosses through the diamonds to make an argyle pattern.

PEASANT TUNIC- This is the fabric that I love and unfortunately got the last yard of 😦  I like this tunic because it can be worn as a shirt tucked into a skirt, or as a short dress with leggings.

POOFY SKIRT-  I used the fishing line hem that I have seen here and there lately.  There are 8 layers on this skirt.  It is so poofy it stands up by itself.  I love it!

YELLOW POLKA DOT JACKET- I knew if there was one “signature” piece I would have to add it would be a jacket.  I love making jackets and living in Montana means you need a lot of them.  I also needed yellow polka dot fabric but couldn’t find any, so I painted my own.  I have seen a lot of ruffles in women’s jackets the last couple of years so I decided to add that detail to this jacket.  Another “signature” thing I like to do is add unexpected linings to my jackets.  So this yellow jacket has a bright purple lining.

So all together here we go “look 1”

look 2

look 3

look 4

I could have done one more with the skirt and tunic and no leggings, but it was way too cold, I felt guilty making her take the jacket off.

All the fabric is 100 percent cotton except the jacket which is a cotton poly blend so everything is machine washable.  So I ended up with a practicle, durable, and versatile group of outfits that are dang cute!

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19 Responses to My signature look

  1. Mary in FL says:

    That’s one best-dressed cutie!

  2. Meredith says:

    I’ve seriously been waiting for this all week and you didn’t disappoint. I love the skirt and all it’s ruffles, and usually I’m not a ruffle fan. When she’s decked out in the whole ensemble, she has WAY more style than I’ll ever have:) My fave is look #1. Great work!

  3. Sophia says:

    Wow! These are the cutest clothes on the cutest little girl!

    My favorite is Look 1. The jacket and skirt just go so well together.

  4. Steph says:

    I love it all!! Great job! I hope you win tomorrow 🙂

  5. Caroline says:

    Cute jacket! I love the colour…

  6. Emily says:

    Love the jacket and the skirt! I was just admiring a skirt like that today and couldn’t figure out how to make it. Also, your leggings look awesome. Mine turned out a little sad.

  7. You know how you asked about your etsy shop? Well, I would have to say those argyle leggings have to go there. For kids AND for adults. And how cute and lucky is your kid with those fabulous clothes you make for her? You’ve got serious talent!

  8. rijandmeg says:

    I just saw your comment on Project R&P, and I am so glad I am not the only one! I also thought the deadline was on Friday…and after finishing everything in the wee hours of the morning, checked the website where it dawned on me that I had totally missed the deadline. It was disappointing to have made such a dumb error, but I was glad that I did finish what I was working on, since that was my main motivation for participating anyway. I am not yet sure if I want to enter the open auditions, but like you, at least I have an outfit ready! In any case, thanks for leaving that comment, it made me feel a little bit better about everything! Those argyle leggings are genius, and you created a really nice look for your little girl.

    • montanachic says:

      I am so sorry, but I feel the same about being glad I made what I did. At least now my little girl has a cute outfit and since she is my third daughter all the hand me downs are pretty worn out 🙂 At the first I knew about the Thursday deadline, then I thought I read that it had changed back to Friday, but when I looked this morning I couldn’t find that anywhere so I have NO IDEA where I got that idea, oh well it was still fun to sew along.

  9. melissa says:

    Wow! You’ve done such a great job here! The argyle applique is a GENIUS idea and it looks so good on those leggings! But I think my favourite piece is that ruffled, polka-dot jacket. Bravo!

  10. Uta says:

    That is an amazing outfit! Everything goes together so well without being matchy/boring, the ruffles complement each other, and with the yellow/polka dots/black it’s the right mixture of sweet and sassy. What a winner!

  11. Kristin H says:

    Love those leggings! Thank you for kind words on my own personal style attempt. It was a hard challenge, wasn’t it? Love what you came up with!

  12. Mom says:

    Karen, the above comments are sooo true. You do have serious talent and the drive to create something from it. and I bet there were a slew of seamstresses who missed the deadline. Please enter the open auditions, I know you will win something, if not recognition! Fabulous looks.

  13. Jess says:

    cute outfit, and great job! good luck at PRP!

  14. Meaghan says:

    Really fabulous outfit – love the colours. Good luck.

  15. I think I mentione before I love this? Can you post it at Sew and Tell Saturday? You inspired by to try making my own prints.

  16. elizabeth says:

    I love that you have so many outfits out of one look—you are genius! Thanks so much for entering it into Season 4. You have such amazing sewing talents…..we can’t wait to see what you do next!

  17. Melissa says:

    I really loved this when I saw it in the Flickr group and I was surprised not to see you in the finalists. I hope you sew along again, I’m looking forward to seeing what you do next!

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