Holy rush job Batman!

Apparently today is Dr. Suess’s birthday so my daughters class is having a party where they all wear their pajamas to school and bring in a Suess book to read.  My daughter is one of those kids who is super skinny and narrow and just keeps getting taller but not wider (why can’t that be me?).  So this morning when she went to put on “school appropriate pajamas” I realized that all the pajamas she has been wearing for the last three years are either showing her belly if it is a shirt and pants set, or the one nightgown she has is too short for Montana recess in winter.  So I decided at 7 am, my busiest time of the day when I am getting my husband and four kids out of the house, that of course I would just make some pajamas.  So I think I am for sure a little bit, ok a LOT crazy, but I got them done and she was SOOOOOO HAPPY!

I traced off an old nightgown and added about five inches to the bottom.  Then for the sleeves I used a poofy sleeve pattern I drafted for a different dress a while back.  I sewed it all together and did a simple fold over hem, sleeves and neckline.  Then I added some elastic to the sleeves to really poof the out.  The neckline ended up a little too big so I just added a tuck in the center which ended up looking better anyway.

Don’t you just love it when your kids are at an age where they are physically incapable of looking normal in a picture.  Gracie is normally a dang cute kid, but you put a camera in her face and she puts on her “picture face” and looks like a goof ball.

She was so excited she kept saying “I get to wear my beautiful new night gown to school” she says it night (space) gown, not nightgown, as in it is a gown that she wears at night because she is a princess therefore she wears gowns.

Crap, I just heard a loud crash followed by my three year old yelling “mommy I just made a big mess” happy Friday everyone!

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3 Responses to Holy rush job Batman!

  1. Meredith says:

    LOL! Don’t you love three year olds?

  2. Tanit-Isis says:

    Wow, that’s an amazingly lovely rush job! And a fun way to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday. I’m trying to picture fitting this in to my morning at 7 am and… well, blood would flow. Possibly mine.

    Good luck with the three-year-old…

  3. Serious adrenaline rush! I just love the polka dots, perfect for a Dr. Seuss party.

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