Pink Paisley

Well it is Project Run and Play again, or a good kick in the pants to get me to make some clothes for my munchkin.  Brittan is my third daughter so most of the hand me downs are pretty hideous by now, so I like having an extra reason to make stuff for her besides the thought of her running around naked because the few outfits she has are dirty :).  Anyway the challenge this week is to remake Dana’s circle skirt pattern over at Made.  I decided to go with a summer dress.  I was originally going to use some polka dot fabric that I already had, therefore being responsible, but then I was at the fabric store and I fell in love with this pink and green paisley.  I almost had a little self control and passed it up, but when I sent a picture of it to my sister she texted me back and said she loved it with THREE exclamation marks, so really it is her fault I bought fabric I wasn’t planning on.

So I cut out the circle skirt extra long to make it a dress and cut half circles where her arms would go.  I used bias binding to finish the arm edges.  Then I had an idea to do a big pleated collar.  I was a little nervous that it would end up looking like a clown collar but it turned out pretty cute.  I finished all my other edges with the rolled hem on my serger and it was done.

She tends to stop smiling when I ask her to "just hold still for one second while I take the picture already!"

It gets a "10" for twirlability, although I should maybe make some bloomers for those who don't want to know she wears Dora undies.

It also passes the "curtsy test"

This dress was really easy and pretty quick to make.  The only slightly tricky part was making the pleats which I did by hand with my iron.  She loves it and spent quite a long time staring at herself in the mirror while she twirled back and forth so I am going to call it a success.  Thanks for looking and happy sewing!





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7 Responses to Pink Paisley

  1. Anonymous says:

    That dress is so cute! You are very talented. My three girls have hair that parts in the front just like Brittan. That has definitely got to be an Eldredge thing.

  2. Meredith says:

    The second photo looks like a shot from a Gap ad…Brittan is such a super model already.

  3. Kandra says:

    Sweetness! Her face says it all.

  4. sjpaul says:

    Adorable!!! I love it! You should submit this to the gap casting call!

  5. meli88a says:

    This is so cute! What little girl wouldn’t love a twirly dress like that?

  6. Mom says:

    What an adorable dress and Brittan looks like she is having so much fun!!!!! Great job, Karen. Love everything you do.

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