New Headboard and target can’t do math!

When we first moved here 2 1/2 years ago the first room I decorated was our master bedroom.  I wanted a comfortable beautiful place that Brad and I could relax in.  So every color and piece of furniture I put in there I absolutely loved, but when it was all put together it just didn’t work all that well.  So here is the OLD BEDROOM

I think the navy wall while I liked it was just too big and dark, and all the lines of the furniture and quilt were too severe.  So about a year later we updated to a california king matress (highly recommend :)) then nothing fit because of the bigger bed the nightstands were too long for the wall and the headboard and quilt were to small.  So we moved it all down to my sons room which works well since it is all pretty masculine and then our room sat there for over a year with no headboard.  I knew I wanted a tall upholstered headboard to break up the big navy wall.  I also wanted a fabric that was mostly white with a more girly blue pattern on it.  I couldn’t find anything anywhere.  Apparently most navy and white fabrics are mostly blue with a white pattern rather than mostly white with a blue pattern.  Then last week I was at target and I found my perfect white with blue fabric in tablecloth form, and it was 1/2 off, 9 dollars!!!  Now I love me a good deal so I snatched it up and headed off to Lowes.  The table cloth said it was 60 inches by 84 so I had the nice gentleman at Lowes cut my plywood 78 inches wide so I would have three inches to wrap on either side.  There are a million tutorials out there so I am not giving a million details so here is a quick version.

  • Cut your pattern on the top, I just drew mine on one half, cut that out, then used the cut out part to trace the pattern on the other side.
  • Next you want to build up all the edges so you have a nice crisp edge to pull your fabric over, I just used scrap wood to do this. 
  • I bought some eggshell foam at ross for 18 dollars (much cheaper than foam at Joanns) but it wasn’t quite thick enough so I took an old well used poofy quilt and folded it in half and stapled it down.
  • Next the foam went down and the whole thing was covered with batting that was wrapped around and stapled to the back.
  • Next I layed down the fabric on the floor and my husband and I carefully laid the 78 inch headboard on the 84 inch fabric, but guess what… the fabric was really 78 inches!!!


    This is the point where the migraine really set in and I wanted to swear and throw stuff, sigh.  Well I was determined, I had waited long enough for this fabric, I was going to follow the timeless advice of Tim Gunn “and make it work”.  So I cut off some extra fabric from the bottom, unpicked all the hemming on the table cloth and sewed on side strips.  This was for sure annoying but it actually looks really nice and crisp to have a seam on the edges of the bed.

  • Next step was to stretch and staple the fabric onto the headboard.
  • Then I layed it flat and applied nailhead trim.  I used this stuff and it is great, really easy to work with and looks like the real thing.  If you have never seen it it is like a long rope of nailhead trim and every fifth piece has a hole in it for a real nail to hold it in place.  So you only have to nail every fifth nail and they are perfectly spaced.

So here it is, my big white with blue girly headboard…

There she is and I love her.  She is everything I have wanted for that wall.  Now I just can’t decide if I need some throw pillows.  I like throw pillows, but I feel like the head board is so busy they might distract or clash or something, any ideas?

Happy Sewing

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10 Responses to New Headboard and target can’t do math!

  1. Tanit-Isis says:

    Oh, it looks great! I feel your pain on the bedroom decor—we had just about gotten our bedroom decorated the way we like, and then when we moved three years ago, the new master bedroom was just a touch narrower—none of our side-bed stuff fit! It all got distributed—some in the livingroom (asian-inspired screens) and some in the kids rooms’. /Sigh.

    That fabric is gorgeous, though—well worth the wait!

  2. Rachel says:

    I like your new headboard ~ pretty blue & white fabric !

  3. Tish says:

    It looks great! I never would have thought that the table cloth would be that much smaller than it said on pkg, especially not THAT much. I could understand a qtr or half an inch or so, but wow, half a foot?!? Really? Come on! Anyway, like a real trooper, you made it work, and it looks great. As far as throw pillows, how about some solid color ones? It looks like some of the bedding matches the wall perfectly, so why not bring some of the lighter blues of the headboard down to the bed with throw pillows? Or some of that lovely pinky color in the pictures on the walls? Or both? 🙂

  4. Kristina says:

    It’s gorgeous. Just absolutely gorgeous. Love the nail head trim!

  5. Mom says:

    I can see orange and hot pink and bright yellow pillow color combination myself. A print of those colors and then odds and ends of those colors in solids around the room. I could also see a variety of stripes painted in a variety of blues on the headboard wall.
    But I can also see stark white only on the wall in patterns and textures of grids, circles, relief tiles etc, but only in white. I think you need more horizontal on the wall and less vertical as the headboard is quite tall. Either way could work nicely I think. My two cents.
    And your headboard sounds just like the headboard I made for the guest room…..Plus I bought a summer bed in a bag for 28 dollars and made a summer slip cover so I have a summer look of turquoise, lime green, purple, white and a winter look of taupe white and lime and a touch of turquoise….those colors work in the Southwest. Love all your attention to detail.

  6. Steph says:

    You are just amazing! You make this look so easy, but it makes me so tired to read it all!!

  7. Jessica says:

    I think you need some Euro Shams…the big square pillows, ,in solid blue behind your white pillows, they will make a nice transition between the short pillows and the tall headboard, but otherwise, gorgeous….can you make this in my room? 🙂

  8. dixiediy says:

    Amazing! I love the bead cord detail. Go for pillows! If you’re worried you can do solids or neutral prints and mix up the textures if you’re worried about them competing too much with the head board.

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