An explanation

I haven’t blogged in a while for a couple of reasons.

1.  I have been having big headache problems again.  For the last two months I have been having them almost daily.  I am seeing a neurologist here and I am on a new medication that seems to be making it a little better, headaches half the week instead of daily.  So I have been trying to just do the basics everyday.  Keeping up with life is hard right now.

2.  When I started blogging I did it to kind of feel apart of the “online sewing community”, have on line friends who do the same things I do to share with.  It was fun that way.  But lately I feel like I am comparing myself too much with other blogs and feeling like mine isn’t good enough.  If I don’t get a lot of page views or comments I start to feel bad about myself.  I know it is just dumb but with the headaches I am not in a “good self esteem place”.

3.  When I started blogging it was a good motivator for me to make something every week.  Now I feel like I have to make something if I want my blog to be good, then it feels more like work.

4.  I don’t know what I like anymore.   I don’t even know what I want to make.  A lot of the trendy things out there right now don’t work for my body type.

So if I can get my head healthy, my attitude right, my self esteem in a good place, and find a style for myself I will totally keep blogging, but right now I think I need a break.

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21 Responses to An explanation

  1. Gaylene says:

    Wow, you seem to be going through a lot of crap right now. Please don’t think as a blogger you are expected to ‘entertain’ the rest of the sewing world, and please don’t feel it’s a reason to beat yourself up. From all the sewing blogs I read, I think that the sewing community is supportive, respectful, and really friendly. I read all these blogs and think of you all as friends I just haven’t met yet. Do some lovely things for yourself….find some pleasure in little things, especially in the beautiful place you live. Lots of thought hugs to you.

  2. K-Line says:

    So sorry you’ve been experiencing those headaches. Headaches can be overwhelming and can cloud your view of everything! For what it’s worth, it can take a really long time to develop a large blog following – though I’m sure many people read and enjoy your posts on a regular basis. When you’re in a bad place, sometimes it’s hard to remember this, but writing for yourself first is the sanest course of action. Then the only person you have to impress is you 🙂 We’ll be here when you get back from a well-deserved rest. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Melanie says:

    Karen, never forget that you are an amazing person that we all love and care about. I know that when going through hard times it seems to just take over your life and it is all you can do to just put one foot in front of the other. I also know that it is OK to just be there for yourself and your family and it’s OK to feel what you need to feel. It’s just OK!! In time this too shall pass and you will be stronger for the experience (YUCH until you get there!). You know that I have sewn my whole life and I have been so impressed with all that you have created and accomplished, things I would never have thought to do. I also know that sometimes it feels right to sew and other times (sometimes LONG stretches) the feeling just isn’t there. No need to force yourself to do something that just doesn’t feel fun at the moment. You don’t need to compare yourself to others because what you do is amazing and they are probably comparing themselves to you anyway. Always remember that you are in our thought and prayers daily for a speedy recovery!! Hang in there!! We love you!!

  4. prttynpnk says:

    Just take a step back and stop until you feel like posting just for the enjoyment of sharing. I know it’s hard not to get caught up in the ‘why don’t they like mine’ mentality- I’ve done it. I stopped doing sew weekly for that reason- and for me i was all self-inflicted. If your creativity is running low, just wait and recharge until something really strikes you as beautiful and fun to make. Check in when it doesn’t feel like a chore- we’d miss you if you couldn’t play anymore!

  5. Mary in FL says:

    You’ll be ready when you’re ready, and not a minute sooner! I like to read your blog in google reader, and I have no intention of unsubscribing.

  6. Rachel says:

    I missed seeing you during the PR&P season 4 sew along, but now I know you’ve been dealing with headaches, you’re going through so much ~ I sure hope you’re holding on OK.
    I have taken breaks & I recommend it, we will be here when you come back 🙂
    Take care of yourself

    • montanachic says:

      Thanks, I missed doing PR&P too. I really am okay, just trying to feel more in control of my life, you know. I may not be posting a lot but I can guarantee I will still be spending plenty of time looking at yours 🙂

  7. anna says:

    Hi, I have enjoyed following your sewing projects posted to your blog, which I first discovered through one of your PR reviews. I am not good about posting comments, but am a fan of your sewing. Hope the headaches go away for you; I get migraines and they are horrible to deal with.

  8. Meredith says:

    And all of those things have to happen at once, of course:) I totally understand your taking a break! I think we all do. All artists need to recharge and refill so they can continue to be amazing. I’m eagerly looking forward to when you come back. Love you!

  9. Meredith says:

    PS: I just took a moment to look over your blog as a whole…you should, too! It’s fabulous! You’ve really accomplished so much. Why don’t we live close so I can borrow your clothes?

  10. Anni says:

    Take care and just do the things that make you happy! We all have our unique journey in our own unique time and pace.

  11. entrope says:

    Hon, I’m still oozing with jealousy over those exquisitely-fitted jeans and wishing I had myself together enough to make my own pants that fit as well as your jeans… Hang in there and do what makes you happy. No one is keeping score – or at least I really hope they aren’t. 🙂

  12. dixiediy says:

    Sorry about your headaches. I hope the new meds help! And don’t feel pressured to be a super blogger. I used to think that I had to constantly fill my blog with posts each week but that just wasn’t working for me. Even if you post less frequently people will still read. Plus, my blog reader is so full that sometimes I get annoyed by blogs that post so much I couldn’t possibly keep up. Quality over quantity! Sewing is about having fun but everyone gets in a rut or needs a break. Sew-er’s block, maybe. I’ll still be here when you get back. 😉

  13. Nadine in NC says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your headaches. This may be totally irrelevant to you, but I only recently realized that sugar substitutes were causing my problems, even the natural stevia, and they seem to be in everything! After several days without any I was so much better. That said I realize that your problems may have a completely different cause, and I sincerely hope that you and your neurologist can find answers for your problems because headaches can be totally debilitating. My heart goes out to you.

    As to blogging, it’s not about how many page views you get, it’s about inspiring others. I see lots of blogs that you have to check all the time in hopes of finding a kernel of inspiration here or a drop of encouragement or information there. I would much rather read a blog that offers far fewer posts that are content rich. Don’t beat yourself up because you aren’t getting the page views or the followers that others have. If you choose to continue to blog, just take joy in knowing that you have inspired, encouraged, and helped others, accepting that most folks just don’t take the time to share their appreciation of the generous gift of your time.

  14. Kelli says:

    Hang in there… and sewing is supposed to be fun. Don’t let blogging sap the fun out of it. And though I rarely comment on any one’s blog, I am inspired by many. And your blog has got me very interested in upping my pattern drafting skills, so thank you.

  15. Camille says:

    I swear whenever I have a super busy year and succeed and do a million things and it is so fun, the next year I need to take a break! And you have had one busy and fun and successful year – break time! I love you oodles and look up to you A LOT. You REALLY do inspire me and I can’t wait till I get my groove back next year after this pregnancy and want to do stuff again! I love you sis.

  16. Oh dear, endless headaches sound dreadful. 😦 It’s impossible to concentrate on or enjoy anything when you’re in pain. Even laughing hurts. I hope your neurologist can find a solution.

    Sew when you want, blog when you want–we’ll be here cheering you on!

  17. gmariesews says:

    Oh I agree with everything that has been said. Take care of you, hope the doc finds a cure for the headaches. As for your sewing and style, I don’t have any words of wisdom. I hope you find the answers for you. Take care. g

  18. Oh oh, headaches are the pits – completely energy and life draining. Hope the doc. finds help for you. Thinking of you and sending wellness vibes your way. We’ll be here and, as Slapdash says, definitely cheering you on.

  19. Sophia says:

    I’m sorry to hear about these difficulties you’ve been having. I hope the headaches can get under control soon!

    About blogging, it seems pretty normal to have these feelings of comparing yourself or “needing” to post something. It’s good that you’re taking time away from that because blogging should be fun, not a chore. I think it shows a lot that you were able to recognize it and step away before it became too much.

    I’ll be looking forward to seeing your wonderful projects again (if you decide to come back). It’s always a treat to see what you’ve made, even if there are several months in between 🙂

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