Simple top for a middle school girl (and her mom): day 3 and the question of the day

  • Circle tops are the best!  Super easy, super comfortable and stylish.
  • I didn’t use any tutorial specifically I just searched circle tops, read a few tutorials then went for it.
  • Used knit fabric from my stash that is so old I have no idea where I got it.

  • We made these top together, she did everything on hers except the neckline (she is a little afraid of my serger).  It was a great mother daughter project.
  • QUESTION OF THE DAY- If my 12 year old daughter and I wear some of the same clothes does that mean I am dressing to young or she is dressing too old, or is it just fine?
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6 Responses to Simple top for a middle school girl (and her mom): day 3 and the question of the day

  1. K-Line says:

    You are both adorable and this shirt works appropriately on both of you! Just means you’ve both got timeless style.

  2. Rachel says:

    you guys look great !

  3. prttynpnk says:

    Oh how pretty you both look! As for the age and dressing question, I think it must be a garment by garment decision, this is perfect for you both! Matching tutu and con high tops? No.

  4. dixiediy says:

    I think it’s totally fine! If you were wearing that top in a cutesy hot pink floral print I’d say you were dressing too young. If her top was cropped and low cut I’d say she was dressing to old. But the tops look great on both of you so it’s great! It’s like the Goldilocks top! It’s juuuuuusssssttt right!

  5. Mary in FL says:

    You both look so chic in your new tops!

  6. Tanit-Isis says:

    Those are adorable! Tyo and I don’t really dress alike, but I have stolen ideas from one of her particularly stylish friends WAY more than I like to admit… and also independently bought the same stripey stockings and stuff.

    My mother has always kind of fussed about wondering if she’s not “dressing her age”… I had to point out that even when she was really young, she never exactly dressed “young”—ruffles and bows and that kind of stuff. So it’s not surprising that her style hasn’t “aged” as much as some people her age…

    A circle top seems pretty ageless to me. Now, if it were made in ballerina fabric with lacey ruffles on the edges… 😉

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