How do you decide what to put on your body?

I have a handful of projects that I am getting to the end of so of course I start thinking about what I am going to make next.  So I thought I would make, hmmmm, brain silence.  I can’t think of what I want to make next.  So I started looking at different stores and designers for inspiration, and again nothing.  The reason I can’t decide is because I feel like a lot of the things that are new and trendy are NOT flattering to my body.  So here is the question of the day.  Do you dress your body to

  1. Look your thinnest
  2. Dress on trend
  3. Look sexy or curvy
  4. Or any other option

I am sure we all want to hit different looks depending on the situation, but personally I genereally want to wear clothing that make me look thin, hence my frustration with the loose tops and skinny jeans which I can wear somewhat, but they definnitely don’t make me look thin.  So how do you dress and why???

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11 Responses to How do you decide what to put on your body?

  1. Meredith says:

    Upfront I want to say how un-stylish I am, but I dress first for fuctionality (will this work with four kids? will I be comfortable?) and then I try for things that accentuate my thin figure. The funny thing is that all of these super skinny jeans would look great on me and I think they’re ugly!:)

  2. Andrea says:

    When it comes to my clothes I have two goals that are equally important: clothes that flatter my body type and clothes that are comfortable. This means that I am rarely on trend but if being on trend means feeling uncomfortable about the way I look, then I can live without trends. The problem is that sometimes I sew clothes that I think I’ll love and then once I try them on they look very unflattering on me. This sewing business is all about trial and error for me!

  3. dixiediy says:

    1. Will I wear it (meaning it fits, it’s not too low cut or too short that i’m constantly pulling and adjusting, it goes well with other pieces of clothing, it’s not too fancy)
    2. Is it modern? (I guess trendy would also be the word. The more I sew the more into fashion I get. I like to have at least one part of my outfit be “on trend.”)
    3. Does it make me look pregnant? The more I sew the more I like my body shape. I don’t worry about looking fat but some styles, like empire waists make me look preggers. I plan to exploit that fact if I actually do become pregnant, you know, in those early months where people can’t tell if you’re pregnant or just chubby.)

  4. Kate says:

    When I sew I want the clothes to look better then anything rtw. Does it fit the way its supposed to? I am not that good at fitting, I give it a good go but I usually have to sew something two or three times tweaking the fit each time after wearing the previous garment.

  5. Laura says:

    Good question. I recently went through my fabric stash and culled, and I found that I had *a lot* of lightweight summer fabrics, linen and lightweight cotton and such, even though I live in a place with a not-particularly-hot summer and I wear structured pieces most of the year anyway. I think I bought them all because loose summer clothes are easy to sew, but I don’t actually end up wearing them that much. I need to get better at buying the fabrics that will make the kind of clothes I actually wear the most.

    As far as flattery goes, I tend to try to look pleasantly proportioned (I’m plus-size so honestly looking skinny is probably out of reach) but there are times when I choose looking on trend over that, just to feel like I’m in tune with the world around me somewhat (i.e. skinny jeans).

  6. prttynpnk says:

    Ok, here I go- I’m shallow- you may have noticed. I wear a uniform at work. Brown. So brown. When I dress I really seek to amuse myself . I like to feel like I’m not wearing the same thing as other people, so the individuality of a fabric or pattern is the first thing I look at, unfortunately ‘is it flattering’ comes into the equation much too late in he game!

  7. Tanit-Isis says:

    A little late, but—to make me happy.

    Sometimes that’s sexy, sometimes that’s trendy, sometimes it’s old-fashioned, sometimes it’s just weird. I find I do have to pay a bit more attention to trends now that I’m sewing for myself, lest I wander off down some bunny-trail and end up wearing something even weirder than I meant to. I’m fine with looking weird intentionally, but I want to be intentional. But I’m not a fan of trend-chasing at all.

  8. Jessica says:

    Generally I am dressing to look thinner, always a struggle, and skinny jeans don’t work on me either, so I often go for a classic look so I don’t look like I’m trying too hard!!!!

  9. Kathleen says:

    Way off topic here, but maybe not… I’ve been struggling this fall with pants….again. My body just isn’t cooperating with “the trend” of skinny,skinny leg pants. But I do want to at least look hip with a well fitted lean, straight leg pant. A weight gain hasn’t helped, but I just know if I could get a good fit, the extra bits wouldn’t matter that much. I’m so inspired by your jeans adventure, and just spent some time looking over the website you referenced. It seems pretty complicated (and I’m not sure how to measure “rise”.. seated? or around the curve?), but if I could end up with pants as beautifully fitted as yours it would be worth it!

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