Sewing a leather jacket… kind of.

While I was at the thrift store the other day I saw a not-so -lovely navy blue leather trench coat.

Isn’t she lovely.  I have never sewn with leather before, but the leather on this coat is so beautiful and in great shape.  I have been craving a cropped leather jacket and this seemed like the cheapest way to get one.  So I came home and ripped it apart with my trusty seam ripper.  I had to cut a lot of fabric away from the collar.  I added a zipper, and took the sholders in quite a bit.  I chopped the sleeves off.  Then I topstitched around the whole thing which my machine did NOT like.

I LOVE this jacket, there is something about wearing leather that makes you feel really cool and amazing!  I am going to use this as my “allready owned piece” for the pattern review mini wardrobe contest.  I did this contest last year and had so much fun!  I am going to make the following

  • Maxi dress out of a big floral in bold fall colors
  • Red kind of skinny corduroy pants made with uncut corduroy (love the stuff it is so soft and almost velvety.
  • A lace top, I think with some sort of peplum
  • A pencil skirt made out of a camel colored knit

I am giving myself an extra challenge this year and drafting all my patterns.  I hope it all goes well, I am almost done with the maxi dress so hopefully I can keep on track.

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Simple top for a middle school girl (and her mom): day 3 and the question of the day

  • Circle tops are the best!  Super easy, super comfortable and stylish.
  • I didn’t use any tutorial specifically I just searched circle tops, read a few tutorials then went for it.
  • Used knit fabric from my stash that is so old I have no idea where I got it.

  • We made these top together, she did everything on hers except the neckline (she is a little afraid of my serger).  It was a great mother daughter project.
  • QUESTION OF THE DAY- If my 12 year old daughter and I wear some of the same clothes does that mean I am dressing to young or she is dressing too old, or is it just fine?
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Simple top for a middle school girl: day 2

  • I again used this square top tutorial from c&c .
  • I made it longer and narrower, then I used elatic rushing at the waist.
  • Made from a semi sheer chiffon type fabric from Joanns.

  • My daughter loves it, and I love being able to make her things that she loves and that are simple and easy to sew at the same time.
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Simple top for a middle school girl: day 1

Before- I started with this lovely nightgown (I think) I found on the Salvation Army 50 cent rack, that’s right folks this is the worst of the worst.

I turned it into this

I used the Square top tutorial from cotton and curls.  The only changes I made was to make it about 4 inches longer and a couple of inches narrower.  I also put a pleat in the front neckline because I cut the neck a little too wide.

My daughter really likes it, she loves the bright colors and the comfort of the looseness of it.  I think it will look really cute with skinny jeans too which teenagers with no hips can wear (stinkin’ teenage girls!)

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The last summer dress

  • Self drafted pattern, I made the front and the back the same except for the neckline, next time I will cut the sleeves a bit narrower in the front, they kind of dig into my arms when I bend over to pick things up.
  • Light weight cotton fabric (I think) found at salvation army.
  • Edges are encased in a cotton knit.
  • Elastic rushing at the waist.





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Quick and easy maxi dress

I really liked doing what I did last week with my quick post so I think I will keep it up.  One of the things I don’t like about blogging is that I spend so much time typing the post, I swear sometimes it takes longer to do the post than to sew the clothing 🙂

  • Pattern based on this tutorial at Sweet Verbena, only difference is that my fabric was sheer so I lined the whole dress.
  • Fabric a semi crinkly semi sheer woven from Joanns
  • This dress is a win-win-win, really 10 thumbs up.  It is easy, quick and comfortable, I love it.


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Chevron Skirt (quick post)

I have decided to try a new blogging format, I am calling it a quick post.  It is pretty much lots of pictures with just a few bullet points.  I am doing this to save time, sometimes I feel like it takes me longer to do the post than to sew the clothing :).

  • Chevron skirt made for my sister
  • upholstery fabric from
  • self drafted pattern

I love, love, love this skirt!  It is a good thing she and I don’t have the same measurements or my selfish side might just keep it :).

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